Michael Joseph Colin Vincentini (born October 31, 1971) better known as Mike Colin, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and DJ.

Designated "A Denver Scene Icon" by Westword Magazine (2007), from his time as front man and main songwriter for the regionally popular and influential power trio PhantasmOrgasm. Also as the sole proprietor of the D.I.Y. Label N.O.A. Records, which promoted Native American musicians and groups in the early 1990s. And finally due to rumors at the time that Mike had commited suicide.

(Note: Mike is not claiming to be a Native American, nor to have commited suicide. He is 10% Indigenous but he recognizes this does not make him a Native American. He was raised by his Mother's parents, both of whom have long Native roots in Colorado and Arizona and he fought/fights for them when he chooses politics.)

Peaking with winning "Best Rap Group" in Denver's Westword Magazine (1992), PhantasmOrgasm had a number of different lineups during it's lifespan (1989-1998) with former members going on to be in groups such as Flobots, Marky Posts Even-Funkier Bunch and Spinal Tap Mach II.

Mike went on to front and write songs for more local Denver groups (Cactus Marco, The Acoustifuxx,) before going solo, first as "Lo-Tek" in 1996 and then as Mike Colin in 1998.

Since then Mike has written and recorded 20 E.P.'s, released as various singles and collections on the internet and compact disc. A limited edition D.I.Y. 3-cassette special edition released in 2019 sold out in under a month. This Fall, all 20 Original E.P.'s will be re-released on YouTube along with 4 E.P.'s by PhantasmOrgasm, The Acoustifuxx and Cactus Marco, for a total of 24 E.P.'s.

Along the way he has also played bass for some groups (Ratiocination, Fonksquish Mob, Loudmouth5280), drums for others (The Eclectix, Millenial Axiom) and even opened for Chuck Mosely at City Hall Event Center.

"I understand that I am not a rockstar. I'm just a guy who likes to write and record songs and I did it for a long time even though no one listened and I am just looking for people who can relate to my point of view.And I guess I'll never stop looking." Mike said in a recent interview after the release of his last single #ElectroAmericana.

Mike's musical heroes are many but tend to focus on s Track Creator's like Prince, Paul McCartney, and Daft Punk. Singer/Songwriters like John Lennon, George Harrison, and Eddy Grant. Killer bands like The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and Ramones. Rappers like Run DMC, LL Cool J, DMX. Guitarists like Van Halen, Buckethead and Jimi Hendrix. Outsiders like Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Dead Kennedys, DJ's like Skrillex, Jazzy Jeff and Mix-Master Mike.

"And I like world music too of course, Classical to Cajun, Bachata to Reggaeton and Afro-pop and just about all of it right? Harder to hate than like....heck I even like Kid Rock because I'm crazy like that. I'm a total liberal."

"Aren't we all just kind of like a sample of everything?" Mike muses and then sings a line from the song whose name escapes me.."It's just a matter of your honesty..." - (RUSH/Neil Pert)

"If you sample something with a computer or your brain then just admit it. And it can totally happen by accident with your brain. There is no shame. Only 12 notes where my man can play. But when you sample "Under Pressure" and then pretend you didn't, eventually everyone will know.

WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. It's only music, the greatest magic besides us." -Mike