Mile High Mike Colin Takes a Hiatus

Is this the end of the road for the folkloric D.I.Y. music artist from Denver?

“I failed in the music business because I failed to create a real job or career for myself. No one wants to book me and I don't sell enough records. I have no idea how to change that. I can only be who I am. I've never been very good at business in general, let alone something as competitive as the entertainment world. Networking and schmoozing are too much of what the business entails for someone like me and I never found someone who was good at business that wanted to help me succeed. Boo-fucking-hoo right? Winners and losers. God blesses those who deserve it. If even my parents didn't want me ( I was abandoned) then why would the world? That's what I get for believing in myself.”

“I succeeded as a music artist because I have written and recorded a body of work. That has been my favorite thing in life, writing and recording. I've never actually counted how many songs I've written and recorded but I have written an albums worth of material (20 songs) a year every year since 1991 which was 26 years ago so that rudimentary figure is 520. I think it's actually a little more than that because I'm not so regimented in how many I do or how to do it, it just has to get sketched. Of course, quantity is not what it's about and as far as quality recordings that are releasable and are good songs as well, we are talking about a much shorter list.”

“To be 100% completely honest I wish I would drop dead because I don't want a future where I can't be what I want to be, who I worked 30 years to get a shot to be. I just can't see it. At the same time I have no choice anymore because my life has reached the point where I need to make more money, just like anybody who lives in the real world. A failed business won't keep the wolf from the door. It wont put my two kids that I haven't failed yet through college. I did fail my first two kids financially and I am sorry for that, but you can't change the past. I can change my future.”

“Suicide is not an option. I've been slowly failing for a long time now and I have had a couple two or three face to face encounters with killing myself, including an emergency room visit to keep me from passing. Another time the police had to come to my house. One attempt was thwarted by my wife pleading and wailing at me. Just as many times I have been alone and could have done it if I wanted to. The truth? I don't want to kill myself, I really don't even think I am actually capable of it and now I don't run to the idea anymore. I have become immune to suicide, and as an old friend of mine once said to me 'resigned to be alive.'”

“I will make music again I hope. If I do it will be because I again have the time to indulge. For me it is not a hobby or a part time thing I can work on a little at a time. If I don't then I already have no regrets because I have made enough material that I am proud to call mine and should anyone choose to give a shit it can be listened to thanks to the universe called the internet.”

Mike Colin released a new 13 song original record at the end of March entitled “Haplo-G-M201” as well as new collections of older recordings on BandCamp and SoundCloud. There are also dozens of recordings available from most vendors.